Mobile Application Development

Impeccable Expertise in Mobile App Development

We provide full-cycle development of iOS, Android and Xamarin applications from requirement gathering, mockup design and implementation, to product release and continuous development.

Highly Capable Technical Experts

To each project we allocate a highly skilled team of business analysts, designers, front-end and back-end developers, QA engineers and a dedicated project manager selected in accordance with your business needs.


Customer Oriented

Our mobile apps offer a seamless and hassle free user experience to the customers. They UI is created keeping the ease of use in focus, thus ensuring the mobile application gets enough traffic and users return to it again and again.


Our Advantages

Fast Project Start

We can start working on the development of your software product without requiring a detailed description of the mobile app’s features. All we need to get started is the customer’s vision of their product and desire to collaborate actively with our team.

Active Сommunication

We communicate with the customer as a single cross-functional team with common goals and objectives. Our clients have the advantage of daily meetings with the team, during which we give demo presentations and discuss current tasks and priorities.

Ready-Made Software Components

Access to the ASH Framework is one of the key benefits our clients enjoy when they develop mobile applications in collaboration with the Salton Design team. The Framework is packed with ready-to-use mobile app development modules designed to reduce the timescales and costs of your product development.

Design and UX/UI Engineering

In the project’s early stages we clarify requirements, prepare prototypes and discuss the details of the interface design. Our experts will develop a modern, user-friendly interface in response to your preferences.

Application Server Development

Thanks to the talented back-end developers in our team, we can also create your server software to safely store your database and implement the application logic.

Continuous Delivery

Following agile development practices, our team ensures that your software can be released at any time. This enables us to respond swiftly to changing requirements and deliver new features which can be optimized throughout the development stage.

We will propose the best solution for your business!